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See each file for license info.

Download UKI 1.02 controller executable
This is the executable out of the VS2010 source file, UPX compressed. Please see gpl.txt in the VS2010 source file for license info.
MD5: 9336a52242741691fa3122afa4a18d24
SHA1: 922066f7105472f18c75de021c9533ca6d0742c7

Download UKI 1.02 Schematics and Board images
MD5: 3a9af9465444ce47e0df6ff72032936b
SHA1: fc1a10f54943c34375014a720dcf333ec79307e5

Download UKI 1.02 Firmware and Source
MD5: 2b8e68ce3f2ca0bdd19a9f5bccdcc6f6
SHA1: 09893b90d24a57ea1a559d0639c0f5a09afd25ec

Download UKI Uploadable EEPROM Example Scripts, js uploader and mini shellcode injector source
MD5: e5c38a7014e1a23b05b2240a5ac13fe9
SHA1: a144528e66c4e9439a70830b5092d78a1ac18494

Download UKI Control - Windows VS2010 C Source, Program and UKI Injection DLL (most current Win uploader version)
MD5: 856691349ec5e0d6fe5acd34fa355091
SHA1: cf16dbc7f01a569d1a787c26d48680ee40146cac

Download UKI Control - Windows MASM Source and Program
MD5: 5f8d95469545fcbe45720fa1347529c3
SHA1: 72c28935626567a07f1cf10f785ab3f55b8820c2

Download UKI Control - Linux GCC Source and Program
MD5: 47ed787b01f4847068dbe8b5e09cdf99
SHA1: 2d39ebfd508c7b2db7c6f5fcdc4c4e86eaa0b800

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